Book Publication Category

  • Scientific Writing

This book category must be written by not more than THREE (3) writers/editors after editorial process and expert evaluation. Scientific Writing must be minimum 100 pages that follow the guidelines of Scientific Writing publication. The main author is eligible to get FIVE (5) free books. Author is also eligible to get royalty from the book sale.


  • Module

Module is a teaching material that is systematically arranged and attractive by the lecturers for student which covers material, method, exercise and evaluation. It can be used to achieve competency. Module can be used at any time according to the need of the student.


  • Monograph

Scientific publication in form of monograph or book refers to style of scientific writing that focus on the specific discipline which is usually published by university publisher or scientific association. Publication of monograph consists of latest research publication in specific field including methodology, orientation, direction and new finding. This covers documentation of lecture series, research monograph series and others.  


  • Special Publication



  • Proceeding

Record, abstract and conference paperwork, seminar or meeting that is published whether by the organizer, scientific publisher, or certified commercial publisher.


  • Magazine

Periodic publication comprise of various articles in many disciplines. The writing method of an article is appropriate with public reading. Every article consists of one to five pages.


  • Ebook

Selection of eBook publication is based on the marketability of the book.