Linguistik dan Manfaat dalam Pendidikan Bahasa Melayu

Author : Anida Sarudin & Norismayati Aida Idris   Year of Publication : 2018    ISBN : 978-967-2163-25-1    No. of Page : 173             Price : RM 25.00

About the Book : This reference book is a must-read book for teachers, students, and individuals involved in the teaching and learning of the Malay language. The contents of this book provide the linguistic knowledge and its application in Teaching and Learning of Malay Language. Systematic organization and the descriptive explanation allow this book to be used as a selective material for the theory and practice discussion. This book is also expected to make a significant contribution in producing a professional, knowledgeable and educated Malay language educator. The description of the knowledge presented in this book can help and guide the reader in understanding as well as apply the linguistic knowledge in producing quality education.

Teori dan Praktis Pembangunan Sahsiah Guru

Author : Aslina Ahmad, Noraini Ismail & Faizura Rohaizad    Year of Publication : 2018    ISBN : 978-967-2163-46-6                              No. of Page : 240    Price : RM 40.00

About the BookTheory and Practical: Personality Development for Teacher is a scientific material to encourage knowledge and skills as well as generating discussions related to the development of personality of teachers in Malaysia. This book will help teachers to understand themselves as well as students and act by philosophy, ethics and existing circulars. Also, the skills provided in this book can help teachers serve as catalysts for excellence and social change agents. In addition, the content of this book is suitable for reference to lecturers especially those involved in education. Readers will have a clear understanding of the philosophy and concepts related to the development of the personality of teachers and include the skills which can be practiced by teachers. Among the topics are education philosophy, personality and spiritual theory, ethics and morals, the role of teachers as educators, basic skills of counseling, soft skills, values, contemporary issues, and teachers’ competencies. Hopefully, all the topics discussed will have a positive impact on the teacher’s commitment to their duty and responsibility. The ability to educate excellently are closely related to the personality of teachers and in turn, will eventually be regarded as a role model for students and community.

Imageri dan Proses Kognisi: Kaedah Hermeneutik dan Interpretasi

Author : Suppiah Nachiappan   Year of Publication : 2018    ISBN : 978-967-2163-17-6  No. of Page : 116    Price : RM 30.00

About the Book : This book provides knowledge of the concepts and types of imagery that present when students write essays. It explains how the method of Hermeneutic helps in interpreting texts in terms of presence of imagery, frequency of imagery presentations in an essay, imagery, and psychological relationships through experience, student creativity in writing and implications of the presence of imagery in the essay. Lecturers, teachers, and students in a higher institute of learning who are interested in understanding the concepts of imagery in essays can also use it as a reference. This book provides a meaningful collection in the field of language and educational psychology, importance of imagery and cognition processes through interpretation using the Hermeneutical method as a qualitative method.

Cherita Sutradara & Seniman Mamat Khalid

Author :Hassan Muthalib & Azlan MD   Year of Publication : 2018    ISBN : 978-967-2163-31-2    No. of Page : 142    Price : RM55.00

About the Book : The name Mamat Khalid is synonymous with the entertainment industry in Malaysia. Malaysians are very fond of his films, the mention of “Ghost of Kak Limah” and the very thing that crosses into our mind is Mamat Khalid. Indeed, Mamat Khalid has succeeded in creating his own style and branding that no other filmmaker can. This book will outline the origin of this famous film director and get to know him through his films. While most of his movies are mostly funny, Mamat also inserts some elements of double-meaning. This book guides the reader in understanding the implied intentions of his film and also to delve deeper into his thoughts and intention. This book is a gift for Mamat Khalid’s fans and to give aspirations to anyone who wants to be involved in the Malaysian film industry.