Pembelajaran Teradun dalam Pendidikan Moral: Amalan untuk Pensyarah dan Guru                                

Editor : Nadarajan Thambu   Year of Publication : 2019   ISBN : 978-967-2163-79-4   No. of Page : 184   Price : RM 35.00

About the Book : Buku Pembelajaran Teradun dalam Pendidikan Moral: Amalan untuk Pensyarah dan Guru, ialah hasil koleksi penulisan oleh para pensyarah Pendidikan Moral, Jabatan Pengajian Moral, Sivik dan Pembangunan Karakter, Fakulti Sains Kemanusiaan, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. Para pensyarah menulis setiap bab dalam buku ini sebagai satu usaha perkongsian pengalaman, pengetahuan dan kemahiran dalam penggunaan serta aplikasi pendekatan pembelajaran teradun (Blended Learning) yang dilaksanakan dalam kursus masing-masing. Cara dan aplikasi beberapa alatan pengajaran dalam talian (online tools) seperti MyGuru2, (LMS), ILT, Quizizz, Kahoot!, Padlet, Mindomo, Facebook dan YouTube serta pengajaran yang menggunakan platform Schoology, Moodle dan Edmodo juga dibincangkan. Semoga buku ini memberikan satu nilai tambah dan menjadi rujukan dalam usaha untuk menyebarluaskan pendekatan pembelajaran teradun dalam kalangan pensyarah, guru, pendidik, pelajar dan ibu bapa.

Malay Women in Colonial Texts                                

Author : Lajiman Janoory   Year of Publication : 2019   ISBN : 978-967-2163-75-6   No. of Page : 214   Price : RM 35.00

About the Book : This book explores and analyses representations of Malay women in selected colonial texts written during the period of British colonisation of Malaya between 1874 and 1957. It reveals how representations of Malay women are constructed and signified within the Eurocentric grand narrative of the non-European females as savage, exotic and erotic. The book covers a selected range of colonialist writings from various genres such as travel narratives, novels and short stories.What unifies their writings is the singularity of the theme of the corrupted nature of Malay women, either openly or more subtly stated. Malay women are not only represented as the typical Oriental exotics who are sexually promiscuous but they are also perceived as being the reason for the moral degeneration of any European man who dares love her. In essence, this book reveals the power of Eurocentric discourse in shaping images of the Malay female Other which are then articulated and presented as reality for European intellectual consumption.This book is useful as a model of reading practice, not only in the field of literature but also in any form of human discursive interaction. It serves as an example of how the marginal voice can offer contestatory viewpoints against a more dominant discourse in the broader struggle over interpretation and subjectivity. Additionally, it offers a model of discursive resistance and celebrates the multiplicity of voices over more authoritative and hegemonic discourse.

Coding di Sekolah: Panduan untuk Guru dan Pelajar                                 

Author : Ahmad Zamzuri Mohamad Ali   Year of Publication : 2019   ISBN : 978-967-2163-60-2   No. of Page : 212         Price : RM 35.00

About the BookThis book is the outcome of research, experience in teaching and literature study that provide a systematic guide for teachers and students alike in developing and enhancing programming skill. Apart from teaching and learning skill, competence is the most important aspect in determining the success of teaching and learning. Therefore, the contents are written with simple and comprehensive methods to assist readers in enhancing their competence in coding and programming. Programming skill is a much- needed workforce as it can lead our nation to become a manufacturing country in the future. At present, the exposure in programming has been carried out for students at school level. A reference book on programming is lacking. Therefore, this book can assist in solving the problem. A must- read book by the teachers and students who wish to enhance their understanding and skill in the programming world.

Strategic Components in Small and Medium Enterprises                                 

Editors: Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse, Haim Hilman Abdullah & Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus   Year of Publication : 2019       ISBN : 978-967-2163-59-6   No. of Page : 100   Price : RM 25.00

About the Book : Strategic Components in Small & Medium Enterprises is a book for two target groups. The first group is for students studying business administration; both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels where it is meant to be used as a capstone course after the students have been exposed to the various functional areas of management. The second group is for readers and practitioners who seek essential knowledge on strategic management. The book can help to understand the right strategy components in SMEs and overcome the challenges in implementing strategic behaviour. This book focuses on business social responsibilities at corporate level strategies needed to achieve the work strategy and performance in SMEs. Covering nine chapters, the book covers topic such as an introduction to Global SME Business, Theoretical Perspectives, SME’s Performance, BSR Commitment, Trust, Perceived Ethics, Organizational Culture, Research Model of BSR and Strategic Implications for SMEs. It explains the strategic implications for the managers and policy makers to see the issues of moral or ethics and social conduct through the perspective of smaller firms as a method for making suitable and competitive advantage in the current hyper-competitive business environment. The book presents contents in an accessible style, accompanied by local and international examples and situations. Each chapter starts and ends with knowledge objective, strategic quotes, and some review lessons.

Konseptualisasi Kes Berdasarkan Teori dan Pengkhususan Kaunseling

Editors: Samsiah Mohd Jais, Pau Kee, Mohammad Aziz Shah Mohamed Arip   Year of Publication : 2019       ISBN: 978-967-2163-63-3   No. of Page : 420   Price : RM 45.00

About the Book : This book provides a guideline for psychologists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, trainee counsellors and individual involved in the client case based upon selected clinical and theoretical perspective. The counsellor’s capability in conceptualizing and formulate the client’s problems with a meaningful approach can assist them to have a better understanding of the issues. By having a theoretical orientation as a plan, the counsellor is able to perceive the issues, the source of the problem and viable intervention to fix the problem faced by the clients.Among the topics: Case Conceptualization Based on Individual Psychology Theory, The Theory of Attitude, Attitude Emotive Rational Theory (AERT), Attitude Cognitive Theory (ACT), The Theory of Selected Reality Therapy (RTST), Solution-Focused Brief Theory (SFST), and Narrative Theory. Focus on the client’s case conceptualization is also based on the related field. All the topics discussed in this book can give a clear picture and positive impact on the professional practitioner and trainee counsellor so that various cases can be handled effectively.

Intervensi Awal Kanak-kanak Pendidikan Khas                                 

Authors : Kannamah A/P Mottan   Year of Publication : 2019     ISBN : 978-967-2163-55-8   No. of Page : 214                       Price : RM 35.00

About the Book : Early intervention is a preliminary action by parents in preventing the disability in their children from getting worse. Disability can happen congenitally or after birth or from childhood until adulthood. Thus, disability can happen at any of the children’s developmental stages. The terms early intervention and its rules and regulations are different in each country. This book is focussing on the disability of children under nine years old. The reason is that the learning difficulty faced by children who cannot read and write can only be detectable when they are at 3 and 9 years old. The writer shares the knowledge on early intervention from the day the child is born until the child reaches 9 years old. The information in this book can be used by parents, teacher, special education teacher, soon-to-be teacher and those who are interested to know more on children’s disability.

Aktiviti Pembelajaran dan Pemudahcara (PdPc) melalui Kaedah Pembelajaran Koperatif                                 

Authors : Siti Rahaimah Ali   Year of Publication : 2019     ISBN : 978-967-2163-64-2    No. of Page : 98                                   Price : RM 25.00

About the BookThis book highlights the activities of teaching and facilitating process through cooperative learning method. This book focuses on the involvement of student during the teaching and learning process. It serves as a reference in teaching and for soon- to-be teacher in carrying out the cooperative teaching method which emphasizes and in par with the current education system. The activities create a joyful experience for the students in the classroom which in turn will soon produce high achieving teachers for our nation.