History of UPSI PRESS

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) was established on 1 May 1997. As an institution of higher learning, the establishment is aimed to manage the academic’s requirement and seen as a major step. In line with that, UPSI Press was officially established on November 2001. Until today the publisher has been administered by seven calibre directors.

At present the Director of UPSI Press is managed by a Director and assisted by professional and support staff.
UPSI Press is a secretariat to the Committee of UPSI Publication chaired by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation).

In 2012, the name of UPSI Press was changed to Pejabat Karang Mengarang to materialise the Vice Chancellor Speech 2012 in reviving the glory of Za’ba. Pejabat Karang Mengarang (UPSI Press) is also a member of Majlis Penerbitan Ilmiah Malaysia (MAPIM) which is also participated by public university publishers and research centers such as MARDI and MPOB.