Method of Book Publication

  1. Publication of a Manuscript
  2. Publication on Demand (POD)

Any type of scientific publication with the allocation of publication is fully borne by the Author/Faculty/Institution. The minimum printing of POD is 100 copies.

No royalty or free copies will be given to the Author/Faculty/Institution for POD publication. Books will be sent to the author/faculty/institution for promotion and sale. Delivery cost will be borne by the Author/Faculty/Institution.

Following is the list of POD publication:

  • Module
  • Chapter in Book (Editing Work)
  • Proceeding
  • Creative (Novel, Poetry and Short Stories and others)
  • Children’s Book
  • Monograph

Any type of publication which uses the grant allocation.

The duration for POD publication will take minimum SIX (6) months according to the burden of the work by the editors.